Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Senseless killings and injuries to welcome 2013

A 7-year old girl from Caloocan is fighting for her life. Stephanie Nicole was dancing outside their house in Caloocan when a stray bullet hit her in the head. She was rushed to the hospital. Earlier, a 4-year old boy from Welfareville Mandaluyong got hit with a bullet and after hours of fighting for his life, also died.

These stories always hug the headlines whenever the New Year comes. It is sickening. Every single New Year's eve revelry, there are several who are senselessly killed all because of some other Filipinos insensitivities.

As of latest count, 76 people were injured shortly after New Year. Every year, Metro Manila and other parts of the archiepelago turns into a bloody war-zone. A joke even compared Manila as some sort of a Nicaragua every single year.

President Aquino has warned against buying and selling illegal pyrotechnics and firecrackers. The PNP has instituted muzzle-silencing every single year. Inspite of these, every year, one or several dies and scores injured.

I just studied that lighting fireworks is really part of tradition. Unknown to many, this practice dates back centuries, and it is not the Chinese who passed this tradition to us--it is mostly a Hindu passover.

The lighting of firecrackers to ward off evil is a Hindu practice. It is during the Diwali festival where Indians light up firecrackers to ward evil off. In India, even kids are taught how to safely light a firecracker.

The problem really is, every single year, we, Filipinos are a wreck and a foolish lot. We know the hazards of lighting firecrackers but some of us are really sick that we always throw caution out, and do the most insane things.