Monday, January 21, 2013

Les Miserable: Ricky Lo's Interview with Anne Hathaway

It was tastefully done--Anne Hathaway slowly cutting Ricky Lo down to size. For all those laughter and sweet banter between the two, one feels a slow burning antagonism from Anne the minute Ricky Lo asked him some questions. Honestly, those questions that Lo asked of Anne were, um, embarrassing. I think Ricky Lo underestimated Hathaway, or probably Lo thought that, such a Hollywood actress would not mind being asked stupid questions. But, she did.

Lo's questions were standard Filipino showbiz questions, ones that you don't use your mind and just smile, pretend to be cute and just spew out unintelligible answers. Hathaway is definitely not one who will pass this one up.

Probably Lo was just tired and forgot how Ruben Nepales, Inquirer's correspondent in Hollywood, does it. Nepales is one of the most respected journalists in Hollywood because he ask these actresses and actors substantial questions, no "emotional" questions.

Seriously though, there is nothing wrong with Lo's questions--it is just that, those questions are not supposed to be asked to a professional actress, and an intelligent one, such as Hathaway.

We can compare Ricky Lo's experience with our politics. Our politicians are so used spewing out "standard slogans and answers" to "basic problems" in the Philippines, that no one at this time, among our politicos, really knows the true answers to the problems being faced by the nation. Meaning, our politicos are all caught up with their standard shit, that they don't really know how to distinguish a shit from the real one.

Or probably, we are all just, tired.

In Ricky Lo's case, the reason why people adore him was his different take on showbiz matters. He use to write articles that matter. Now, because he's part of the regular grind, Lo lost what most admire about him.

Just, judge for yourself if this interview is really miserable or que horror.