Thursday, February 14, 2013

Low blows by Miriam Defensor-Santiago against Senator Ping Lacson

I am saddened upon reading newspaper reports of a Senator lashing back at her colleague after the colleague threatened to file charges of misappropriate conduct against her.

I don't know what's going in the minds of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago who, from her sickbed, rose and lambasted her fellow Senator Panfilo Ping Lacson. Earlier, Lacson exposed how Miriam Defensor Santiago reportedly charged the expenses and salaries of her personal staff, even her maid, to the Senate. Lacson also revealed that the Lady Senator gets monthly rentals from a building which she reportedly owns and that she charges rent from the Senate. Meaning, Defensor-Santiago is reportedly getting a lot of cash from the public.

Instead of directing answering or countering Lacson's charges, Defensor-Santiago resorted to name calling and threatening to spill Lacson's "dirty linen" in public, even his so-called "true sexuality".

I don't think there is a connexion between Senator Lacson's sexuality with that of Senator Santiago's alleged immoral practice of charging the salary of her maid to the Senate. So what if Senator Lacson is gay, will it erase or is it an equivalent of Senator Santiago's practice of getting the salaries of her maid from our taxes.

Our Senators are really destroying the image and reputation of their own institution.They have allowed themselves to snicker and holler, throw mud around and practically engage in low blows just to hide their indiscretions.