Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The stupidity of the Philippine Ports Authority

A plan to transform a portion of Manila into a modern-day financial center is being opposed by no less than the Philippine Ports Authority. That plan, which will cost US$ 4 billion, and will employ 15,000 workers and thousands upon thousands of Manilenos, does not have any attached favors, at all. The consortium even offered to deposit the money to a Philippine bank as an expression of its sincerity.

Here comes officials of the PPA reportedly against the project and even saying that they have other plans for the property. By the way, the property that we are talking about is the stretch of land from Manla Hotel to South Harbor. Look at the plan and it proposes to build high rise buildings there, all modern and is expected to eclipse Makati as a financial center.

Wagging tongues say, PPA officials who have expressed opposition are really "minions" of the so-called 3 Kings who opposes any plans of rebuilding Manila because, it will just be used to embellish the administration of Manila mayor Alfredo Lim.

Really now, this PPA plan should be made a priority of the Aquino administration if it wants to leave a lasting legacy. Manila needs a boast, an embellishment and a re-modeling. This old, old city which was the very center of regional trade centuries ago, is actually, also a symbol of the country's struggle towards economic growth and development. Imagine the boost in Pinoy pride if this plan is implemented.