Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chiz Escudero says he is caught in a family feud

Yesterday, Chiz Escudero defended himself against the latest tirade of the Ongpauco family against him. The 42 year old Senator said he is in the middle of a "family feud" between Heart Evangelista and her parents.

When the Ongpaucos heard what Escudero said, they immediately responded, and denied that there is a family feud between them and their 28 year old daughter.

The Ongpaucos are planning to file charges against Escudero, one of them libel for claiming that there is something going on between them and the actress.

Escudero is running for re-election. Surely, people will talk about this. The question really is---will this scandal affect Escudero's political career?

The scandal is really about Escudero's character and what the family claims, his "persona" hidden from public view. One columnist even claims, this is about his so-called "Jeckle and Hyde" thing.

Escudero says this latest scandal will not affect his performance as a public official and as a legislator. Many people dispute this.

I don't know about you, but are you willing to wager the fate and future of this country for someone who has an alcohol problem, like what the Ongpaucos claim, Chiz Escudero now suffers from?

Are we sure, very sure, that we want someone who does not respect elders and parents to become our President come 2016?

It is time to elect people who are not just intellectuals and performers but people with integrity, with a strong morality and strong values. Hey, we are not choosing mere officials here. We are electing people in positions of power.

We need people who have the right moral compass to steer everyone to the right direction.

Chiz Escudero and his handlers want t nothing more than keep this under wraps. We, the electorate, are not amused.