Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chiz Escudero-Heart Evangelista relationship: When a highly publicized stunt goes awry and backfires

For many election observers, having a celebrity as a love interest is a major plus factor in the awareness part of the political game. Such a kind of relationship affords the candidate free publicity and increased talk value, something which is very much desired by any candidate.

When things however, goes South rather than North, such a relationship is a career-ender. This is what Senator Chiz Escudero is experiencing right now when parents of Heart Evangelista went public and publicly chastised the Senator, even revealed unsavory things about him personally.

Chiz Escudero's public image is, according to his friends, unsullied. Yet, I have heard many unsavory things about this political personality since his days as the spokesperson of Fernando Poe Jr. He is a sweet talker, no doubt about it. Behind the veneer of political sophistication lies a "damaged personal life", according to close associates and right now, even the parents of Heart Evangelista.

What the Ongpauco couple told ABS-CBN 2 are things which, to the minds of many, reveal the true persona behind this "Chiz" character which, to some, is just a media creation.

The Ongpaucos want Chiz to leave Heart Evangelista alone. I have felt for the Ongpaucos since I, myself, am a parent of three girls, and one of my girls is entering the puberty stage in the next few years.

Any parent would want nothing more than a good person for his daughter or son. And the Ongpaucos feel the same.

The Ongpaucos accused Chiz of being "bastos", of "disrespectful towards elders" and of being an "alcoholic".The Family of Heart Evangelista belongs to the "old rich" and obviously, they want someone who at least, exemplifies the Victorian model they have in their minds.

I don't know how Chiz would actually defend himself against this latest tirade of the Ongpaucos against him. This is a publicity disaster, a major image crisis, which is very hard to extricate oneself.

Chiz has to repair the damage the Ongpaucos wrought against his persona. Personally, I don't see nothing wrong with drinking once in a while; but being accused of being an "alcoholic", is something different. That smells trouble.

And to think that Chiz is seriously considering running for President in 2016. An alcoholic for a president? See the entire interview at this link: "Leave Heart alone"