Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chiz Escudero unfazed by effects of scandal

Teddy Casino lags behind other Senatorial candidates, according to surveys, while the "flavor of the month" Senatoriable, Chiz Escudero, hugs the headlines with his recent spat with the parents of his alleged girlfriend, Heart Evangelista.

I am writing about these two gentlemen because they belong to my generation. One now currently enjoys the additional publicity and talk value and would possibly propel him to the Top list while the other, sweating it out, explaining current issues and his proposed solutions with different sectors of society, regardless of what the survey says.

I am sure apologists of Chiz would say that affect the good standing of the Senator in the surveys. Bad publicity is certainly as good as the great ones, so, it does not matter if the scandal questions Chiz Escudero's integrity as a person and his alleged alcoholism or what-have-you--the most important thing is that he is getting free publicity, something most desired by other candidates. This publicity costs Chiz nothing.

How ideal if Teddy Casino gets the same thing, free publicity and increased talk value. Are people interested in talking about issues that affect their lives? Yes and no. Yes, for those who still hope for a solution and no for those the system has already made pragmatic through the years.

Of course, we expect Chiz to win because hey, we elected a womanizer last 1998 anyway and what is an alcoholic?