Friday, March 22, 2013

Kris Aquino accuses ex-hubby James Yap of alleged abuses

Flashback, October 2003 when a crying Kris Aquino appeared on television and hugged her mother, the icon of democracy, Cory Aquino. The sight was heart wrenching---the controversial family that has sacrificed a lot for the sake of the Filipino nation, was undergoing a crisis similar with those experienced by ordinary Filipino families. The verdict was unanimous---one of the country's richest and most powerful families is not as different as any other family. They too suffer from wrong decisions in life. They too cry whenever someone afflicts them pain. They too suffer from estranged relationships.

For Kris, her 2003 separation from actor Joey Marquez was her third (that is the one published). Her relationship with Marquez was, in the eyes of her four sisters and her mother, illegal because there was no benefit of marriage. Kris went on blindly, living for years without being blessed by the Church. Her previous relationship, that of Philip Salvador, was equally yet silently condemned by members of her class, yet tolerated by most Filipinos. Her relationship with Philip bore her a son.

That 2003 episode was a story about a wonderful relationship gone sour due to infidelity and domestic violence. It was fortunate that the relationship did not result to a child.

Now, almost ten years after, Kris again appeared on national television exposing her ex-husband's alleged attempts at hurting her and her son, Bimby. Bimby, according to Kris, was traumatized. Kris filed a destierro case against James Yap, citing her child's reported dislike and fear of his father. It would seem unnatural, yet Kris was adamant--her son did not want to see his father.

Yap countered that this is all about a planned adoption case which Kris wanted but her ex-husband did not want to sign.

The scandal went public when Yap reportedly threatened to "expose something" about the Aquinos. That "expose" angle is quite interesting to pursue.

Was that the reason why the Aquino sisters went on public again, not just to clarify some issues but to protect their brother, Noynoy, from a possible "expose" by a former husband of their sister?

It would seem like it, since the Aquinos themselves shared as much during their live TV interview with Ted Failon over at TV Patrol last night.

Whatever the reason, one thing is sure---the public will not accept this lightly now. This is not just a repeat of a 2003 controversial case. This is something different.

The public is asking now---we can tolerate one or two missteps, but a third? Why is Kris, who was once the toast of Asia, and the sweetheart or "crush ng bayan" during the years after EDSA uno, committed such foolish decisions in her life? Is she really a "victim" or an active fool in these situations?