Monday, March 18, 2013

Pudang Kalis

Pudang Kalis--that is the name of the members of PMA Class 2013. The name is the acronym of the terms Puso't Dangal ng mga Kawal na Nagkakaisa. It also means a Muslim sword.

This is the first time that a PMA class named itself in an acronym that has a deep meaning.

Jestony Lanaja is the class valedictorian who hails from Davao del Sur. Coming from a very poor family, Lanaja struggled in his life and emerged as the top of his class.

Lanaja's journey will not end this month. Like what he described as his path, Lanaja will still struggle towards a long and crooked road before reaching his goal.

I just hope that these very idealistic soldiers will not be corrupted by the lure of personal wealth and instead, gun for the more glorious reward---the opportunity to lay one's life for one's country.

Service for one's country starts the minute you pass the PMA exams. The values taught by the PMA should always be a soldier's cause of existence for what separates a brute from a soldier is his discipline. Without values and discipline, a soldier is just a killer, nothing more.

"Dangal" or honor is a strong and heavy word for a soldier. You die, you die with honor. Those who die without it, is like how an old dog dies.