Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Youth protests turning violent

Youth protests are turning violent. THe recent youth action at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines which saw several students burning chairs was one example. Previous youth actions which saw several students mauling cops was another. People are using violence to express their grievances against the system.

Expect these things to happen as more and more people become aware and totally conscious of the system around them. People are not just aware--they are extremely conscious of the inequities happening around them that their reaction against repression is turning violent.

Violence is never condoned. However, the spontaneous expression of violence shows a deep resentment against a system which perpetuates a cycle of violence against men.

Poverty is a form of violence that afflicts more than 30% of the population. Victims of violence sometimes express themselves thru the language of violence as this hits them every, single minute.

Worse, the State is not listening to the growing growls beneath the social structure. The wealthy and powerful among us have turned blind and dumb. The rising infrastructure is like a mirage rising in a desert. It numbs the social consciousness such as the falsity of the human condition is being hidden behind the curtain of alleged economic prosperity.

This curtain is slowly being demolished by rising consciousness, as more and more people realize that the world they are living in, is like a Matrix that feeds them graphic satisfaction yet, the very basic needs are obviously absent.

As violence grows in a society that feeds it with falsehoods, the conflagration also rises.