Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rappler article places Sabah Royal Force in danger

I don't know with you, but as far as our fellow compatriots living in the islands and islets near the Sabah border, they are practically at war. Members of their families were those who went on an expeditionary mission to Sabah to reportedly claim what was theirs.

And when in war, the most important thing is for the "other side" not to get enough information about the people they are fighting with.

Information is a key ingredient in war. Without adequate and truthful information, one cannot win the war.

This is why I'm disturbed by the report by Rappler (www.rappler.com) about the stories of the men who went to Sabah to fight the Malaysians. Rappler published a story entitled, " Jabidah recruits plotted standoff". I read the piece and surely, this piece has placed the relatives and families of those who are now there in Sabah in a very dangerous position.

The advantage the Royal Sultanate Army had prior to the publication of this article, disappeared. The article told so many things about the leader and members of the RSA that it places the group in a tenuous position. (see: http://www.rappler.com/nation/23484-jabidah-recruits-sabah)

Rappler should realize that they did a terrible job and endangered the lives of many with this artilce