Monday, March 11, 2013

The Lack of National Spirit

There is nothing wrong with asserting one's right over a property. Fact is, that's the very reason why other races move against other races who oppressed them. China moved against Japan after the small island nation  occupied China and slaughtered millions in World War one and two. The Germans under Adolf Hitler annexed almost all of Germany's enemies as a means to boast the national pride.

Here in our country, we are allowing some of our kababayans to embarrass us by siding with other people. In fact, several of our high government officials are even mouthing the very things other nationalities are throwing at us.

Take the case of this Sabah uprising. Our very own officials are negotiating for and on behalf of the Malaysians.

Here comes a chap name Mar Roxas negotiating with the Sultan of Sulu on how to disarm the Royal Sulu Army, when he should probably do is get the Basilan, Tawi-Tawi and Jolo provinces ready for the eventual influx of migrants from Sabah. Roxas should not negotiate for and on behalf of the Malaysians. He should re-focus his attention on how to manage a potential human migration problem.

When our very own government officials willingly make themselves as slaves of foreign powers, the more we realize, that even if we elect other "faces" to replace these nincoompoops, without a national spirit, even those who profess that they have the right intentions and they are honest in offering themselves in service to the Nation, nothing will come out of it.