Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Alleged drunkard senatoriable, down to fourth place in latest survey

Alleged "drunkard" Senator Chiz Escudero is sliding fast down the ratings game, says a political observer. From being "number one" to "number two", and now, number four and possibly, even sixth in the survey game.

"No worries" says Chiz who tries to deflect the issue of his "alleged drinking habits" and his reported "disrespectful attitude" towards parents of his girlfriend, Heart Evangelista, by saying that he needs to drum up support and more punch to his re-election bid rather than spend time correcting the allegations made by the Ongpauco couple against him.

He even alluded to the possibility that the Ongpaucos were being used by his former "political godfather" Joseph Erap Estrada in the reported "mudslinging" or "black props" against him. These are claims made by Chiz out of bravado, I think. A man who does not admit his fallibility is a man doomed.

Chiz needs to face these issues squarely. Admit that he has a drinking problem. A study says sixty percent of Filipino males have drinking problems. Admitting one's faults is a mark of a true man, and a responsible one at that.

Fact is, Chiz was the one who brought these things against himself. He wallowed in immaculate light when he went public with his relationship with Heart, and probably even snickered at most men for having Heart as his "trophy". Chiz probably lied when he said that he did not use that "extra publicity" when he went in public with his relationship with Heart.

At a time when the Filipino electorate is more intelligent now, and at a time when the nation needs more people who not just possess the intellectual stamina but also has the moral aptitude, Chiz has to be extra careful now. He is simply being a hard-headed man now. He thinks that he is a Teflon guy, just like Erap or Clinton. Well, Chiz might really and seriously wake up one day and find his political future already shattered.