Friday, April 5, 2013

Tensions in the Korean peninsula and RP state of readiness

The presence of US military hardware in the Philippines is beginning to get real serious. After a battleship and  two warships arrived in the Philippines, a dozen or so warplanes arrived in our shores, austensibly as part of the Balikatan annual exercises. This comes during a time of great tension between the United States and North Korea. North Korea has just threatened the US with a nuclear strike. In anticipation, the US is improving its missile defense systems in the island of Guam where about 6,000 US military personnel are stationed. It has beefed the South Korean military shortly after the North shut down any possibility of negotiations to end the tension.

Of course, someone would mutter that US military ships have been steadily increasing in presence since last year when the Philippines and China were caught in a semi-serious territorial dispute. China sent its warships in the Western Philippine sea which were interpreted as an aggressive act by the United States. The US sent its own battleships and promised to protect the Philippines in case Chian strikes.

I am not worried about China. China will not sacrifice its newly found economic growth with a debilitating war for some rocks and islets. What I am worried is North Korea.

The young leader of North Korea remains an enigma. He is unpredictable. What would prevent this young guy from ordering a release of a nuclear missile and it unfortunately lands in one of our cities? Are we ready for this one?

Our government is still clueless as to what would happen? I don't want the government to be caught with its pants down and no one surely wants government to over-react; but its best for government to start giving instructions to LGU's to stand ready.