Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Criteria in choosing leaders in this election

We must vote for candidates who love God, Country and Family, in that order. For those who still believe in the Katipunan ideals and values, these are some of the criteria we need to follow in choosing leaders for our country.

Why those who love God?

Those who believe and follow the precepts of the True God show genuine compassion to the plight of the poor, the widows and the orphans in our midsts. Their love for God exhibits itself in their daily lives. They glorify God by doing the things God wants them to do in this earth.

Those who love God, love the things God created. That person loves the beauty of nature. He protects the environment.When elected, he will not enact legislation that would unduly harm the earth.

Those who love God and are elected in office, shows genuine sympathy to the condition of ordinary people, particularly workers, fishermen and farmers. Those elected should not enact legislation that will further tax the people, and craft legislation that will further oppress the relations of these sectors with Capitalists, especially the middlemen. They will enact legislation that will strengthen agrarian reform, provide agricultural support to farmers and pave the way for farmers and fishermen to haul their produce directly to markets.

Those who love God will not allow oppression and the perpetuation to power of the Greedy, the sinful and the evil Capitalists.

Those who love God have genuine love to their fellow human beings, such as they respect Life, even those of the technically "unborn" in the eyes of the Law, yet, in the eyes of God, alive and is considered already an individual.

Regardless of whatever religious belief or denomination, the ones who love God are those who aspire for a much better life hereafter, those who believe in the existence of a world  living in parallel with this material one. Those who love God are those following the straight and righteous path, a path not dictated by traditional religions but a path as dictated by God Himself in His several messages to men--a path Holy, Righteous and towards the City of Light.

Why those who love our Country?

Those who genuinely want our people to live harmonious and stable lives should be given the opportunity to serve our people, regardless of their station in life.

Filipinos who love their fellow Filipinos will not steal or rob the people of their monies. They will enact legislation that will eliminate corrupt practices and will not get commissions every single time a contractor paves a road.

Those who love this country wants its people to live comfortable lives, away from the present deplorable conditions the people are currently under. For if the people are comfortably living their lives,society will heal itself and get rid of the vicious and heinous crimes in our midst.

Those who love this country and want to serve, should serve without regard of personal interests. These people run because they see themselves as instruments of change, not perpetuators of the status quo. They genuinely want change because they see and realize that the more things change, the more it benefits even their own families and future progeny.

Why those who love their families?

Those who love their families, will not do things that will destroy their reputations. It is not material wealth that is most important in this world---it is one's reputation. Do you want to live in extreme wealth while people around you detests and even curse you when you sleep?

Those who serve because of their un-requitted love to their fellow Filipinos serve because they believe that they can use their talents to improve the lot of many.

Before we go to the voting stations come May 13, let us take a while to contemplate our list. Prune our lists and if there are names there which we think do not show these Katipunan ideals and values, eliminate them. Doing so strengthens our democracy. Doing so is a responsibility that every single Filipino should not shirk to.