Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Escudero's ratings continue its descent

Chiz Escudero's ratings continue to slip, despite persistent image restoration strategies being employed by his PR handlers. What is alarming, surveys reflect only a miniscule fraction of the voting populace. Escudero's camp may never know the real extent of the reputational injury the revelation of the Ongpaucos wrought against his political career. Perception is key towards electoral victory. Rumors clink away the teflon even of seasoned politicians and in the case of Escudero, it is now eating away whatever goodwill the good senator had with his publics.

Surely, Escudero's strong stance for RH has also segmented his once formidable voting base. Church organisations are actively campaigning against him and other pro-RH legislators specifically Risa Hontiveros. With a lingering "bad boy" perception, Escudero is slowly alienating young, middle aged and old voters. Young because most of our young voters exhibit Republican-like voting behavior. Pinoy voters are mostly traditionalists, when they vote. They express preference to Filipino values, most especially respect of elders. Escudero's failure to apologize and his continued and persistent avowals of innocence place him in an enviable position.

What is wrong with apologizing to the Ongpauco couple? Nothing. Fact is, this will surely invigorate Escudero's ratings and probably propel him to the leaderboard once more.

I had a high regard for Escudero and see him in a different light. However, his non-apologetic stance reflect his true nature---an arrogant individual.

I miss the days when Escudero was just a humble and idealistic politician. I guess, sometimes, undeserved popularity goes to one's head.