Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ethics and behavior in Philippine politics

After her horrific public revelations about her ex-hubby comes news, no, information from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) telling us that Kris Aquino is the country's foremost tax payer. Meaning, Aquino pays her taxes and those runs in the millions. the communication that gets to me is this---so, Kris Aquino is to be forgiven of her "marital" sins just because she pays more than every single one of us the same way as Chiz Escudero says that the public should forgive him because he's a "great" legislator?

I remember 18th century Filipinos giving lots of money just to absolve their sins.

So, the "First Citizen" argument comes at a time when doubts as to the personal and ethical behavior of several public personalities come to the fore.

Are we so unlucky to actually elect people who are not intellectually stimulating at the same time, morally responsible, with their hearts in the right place?

Gone are the days when politicians were perceived as gentlemen and statesmen. Now, politicians are just that--politicians, without any sense of decency or morality.

Have we actually matured, that the concept has now been isolated from feelings or passions, and is now, what is actually meant in the realm of political "science"?