Monday, April 15, 2013

Chiz Escudero pleas for understanding

IN an interview with Inquirer editors, Senator Chiz Escudero tried to downplay the recent attacks against him by the Ongpauco couple, parents of his girlfriend, Heart Evangelista. Escudero was visibly hurt by the attacks, as reflected in the survey ratings which continues to go south, even at this present time. Escudero tries to convince those editors that his love story with Heart is just a "rich girl falling in love with a poor boy." Wow. Talk about delusional, this tops it. If Chiz thinks of himself as a "poor boy", then, I don't know how poor a poor boy is to become one.

Admit it---it was Chiz' alleged attitude against Heart's parents that did him in. Honestly, who would not want a Senator as a son-in-law? Chiz Escudero came from a well-to-do family, once a political heavyweight during the time of the Marcos dictatorship, with his father one of Marcos' trusted men.

Chiz is not your average lothario. He does not have a problem with women. He probably has a problem with the bottle, but, not, with women. Chiz problem with the bottle is old hat. It is common knowledge that Chiz drinks a lot of alcohol, and who does'nt? Some of us have drinking problems, but the worse that could happen to a guy with a problem like that is for him to deny it. And Chiz, basing on his interview with the Inquirer editors, is denying or not admitting that he has a problem with San Miguel, lite it is.

Anyway, Chiz wants us to believe that the issue distracts from his alleged brilliance in governance. Query--where is Chiz' performance record? He says that he will continue an anti-corruption drive, but did we see even once, Chiz spearheading an honest-to-goodness anti-corruption campaign? No.

Don't tell me that for the six or so years in public service by Chiz, he and his flock still needs some more years to figure out a comprehensive and effective solution against graft and corruption?

Believers of Chiz should have themselves re-examined. It is time to stamp our foot down and realize that these kinds of people either deserve our derision or our precious admiration.