Monday, April 29, 2013

Jack Enrile---from biker to senator

Reading Jack Enrile's life today makes my decision to support him unassailable. My friend, Jerome Aning wrote about him today (see link). Jack's life reflects the life of many other wealthy Filipinos who migrated to the United States during the dictatorship, and went back here in the desire to help rebuild this country.

One of the things that really affected this country during those "dark days" was the uncertainty that many felt attended the regime when Marcos became sick. Generations who lived during those times have three choices: live a normal yet compromised life, live in opposition by going someplace else or live through active resistance. As a son of the most powerful men in Marcos' cabinet, Jack Enrile cannot just "go someplace else" and express what was in his mind. Like thousands of youth in his generation, he preferred to go to the States and there, find meaning in his life. He did so for 15 years.

When he came back, Jack possessed knowledge and skills that he want other Filipinos to have. Jack longed for true change. He became what I described as a social entrepreneur. He invested his life trying to improve other people's lives.

Jack Enrile's sojourn to the States was about finding the true meaning of life. He probably did not realize that his true mission lies in helping poor farmers in Cagayan. He realized that during his close encounters with them as an entrepreneur.

He did not need a bike to go throughout the country and discover the true state of our affairs. Jack spent most of his waking hours fighting for what he believed in---food security and food sovereignty. He believes that when every single one of us eats the right foods at the right price, then, everything, even poverty will be eradicated.

HIs simple prescription is actually a panacea believed in by several hundreds of his own kind for so many years. The elite never believed that it is the system that needs change, especially the people that run it.

Jack Enrile may have inherited a political brand name. Yet, Jack Enrile especially those who know him personally, is his own man. He has his own political principles and beliefs.

Let us allow him to realize these principles at the halls of the Senate. At least, our support for him would not be in vain, ,unlike when we support a daughter with another political brand name attached to her due to her birthright. She thinks that being a senator is a birthright, not something you work for.