Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pinoy politics is like slurpee or a 7-election

Pinoy politics is like 7-eleven's slurpee. Craving for a sugar rush? One goes to the nearest 7-eleven store and orders one. With a 36 degree celsius temperature, who does not want a nice, cold, drink, packed with today's dose of vitamins and minerals and blended with flavors of cola, orange, strawberries or grape.

Yeah, a slurpee is just like your average sliced ice. When you sip it, it suddenly causes brain freeze. Yep, good to drink a slurpee especially for those who haven't felt their brains for a long time.

Anyway, why is it that politics is like slurpee? Well, politics is supposed to be a problem solver, just like a slurpee. Thirsty? Get a slurpee. Poor and need help? Call the mayor.

What's so similar with slurpee and politics is the color. You believe in what others say, a yellowish change, meaning, something like what the Liberals are saying, then, go get a lemon slurpee.

You believe in what the UNA is saying that the path towards progress should not just be straight but "clean", then, try 7-eleven's orange. Or, you're as cool as the Nacionalistas or the Democraticos of the Democratic party of the Philippines, then, choose a blue-colored cola.


By the way, 7-eleven has just launched their" 7-election campaign". What 7-eleven wants is simply determine public political preference, and this can be achieved by simply allowing them to choose their own slurpee cup. Every cup bears the symbols of a particular Philippine political party. They then tabulate how many cups were purchased with the UNA logo or the Kapatiran Party or what-have-you.

I simply don't know when they release the results of their unofficial "survey", but it's pretty fun. Gina Virtusio, my dear friend, is simply a genius when it comes to campaigns, and this one makes my day quite okey.