Sunday, March 24, 2013

God the Merciful and the Most Holy

How would you describe God's love?
A love that is beyond explanation
It emanates in all directions
For the Good and to the bad
From Light to Darkness
God's Love shines in brightness

Everything was created out of God's love
The smallest particles and the big planets
The most beautiful things and the most ugly
They are all created by God's mercy

Hard to dissuade one
That everything came out of nothing
and nothing has no reason for being
seems unable to explain
why Laws exist or why mathematics
speaks so proudly of its existence

Every composition speaks of God
Every computation reflects God
Every theory shows His mercy
Every ideology points to His Deity.

How enormous God's love is!
It reaches even the farthest realms
afflicts billions upon billions of souls
all worshipping Him Who Created Everything.

Let all the universe, let all the worlds shout
God is alive! God is the Creator!
The Merciful, the Most Holy.