Friday, April 12, 2013

The New Katipunan Revolution

Three years from now, and the Filipino electorate will have been a lot smarter then than now. Remnants of the old thinking in politics remain, expressed in several surveys by PulseAsia and SWS. Three years, and political thinking would have matured in an extent that would allow a "springing forth" of alternative ideas of governance.

There is a noticeable disillusionment in the way things are being managed in this country and with the availability of communication gadgets which promotes no-cost information at a click of a switch, more and more people are expected to have already formed their own interpretation of Philippine reality. People in the streets are more politically conscious now than before, and unknown to many, a lot smarter than self-proclaimed "political analysts".

I deem it wise to consult with the masses before I write my piece. My training in research equips me with the right tools to determine what bull-shit info is, and what is not.

I sense a palpable beat, a consistent pulse, among the masses. They yearn for true change. There is a necessity to communicate to them the promise of legitimate change thru historical conventions which they already know and has been imbedded in the mass psyche or what others call the people's consciousness.

I still cling to the belief that the ultimate desire of every Filipino is really just to improve their lives. Without the proper mechanism in this system whereby it allows the spilling of economic gains to those who are in want, there would never be real change. When people in government desire only their individual comfort and serve not the masses which they have sworn to serve, there will never be a time when people will feel a sense of improvement in their lives.

Economic figures being released by government show a bullish economy. The thing is, if the economy is really improving and this is the time to avail of public resources to improve one's life, then, why are people not buying high-ticket items such as houses and lots? Why are people not risking enough? This is due to the fact that most people know what is really happening, and the situation right now remains a hand-to-mouth existence to most, instead of a "perfumed" kingdom as what Noynoy wants us to believe.

This administration started on the right path then veered away from it when traditional forces merged with the small reform-minded block behind those curtain walls. So-called reformist groups who positioned themselves or branded themselves as illustrious sons of a new revolution, have proven themselves unworthy of the task and instead, only bother to enrich themselves and those who continually support them.

Those who have fought Arroyo have been transformed into apologists of a system waiting to be destroyed. These people continually cling to the notion that all is not lost, and this system remains viable and is still "salvage-able". No.

This system is ripe for the picking, and change should be made immediately along the lines of what the illustrious Supremo envisioned when he staged the Katipunan revolution. At best, this society which the Katipunan wanted is akin to the welfare state, with a socialist economy. This kind of political arrangement should immediately be implemented in this country to avoid it going down the path of anarchy.

Three years and there will spring forth, a New Katipunan revolution, one that is pure in its intentions and one that will bring prosperity in a land peopled by honest men and women who only desire an equitable and just society.