Friday, April 19, 2013

Voting is a citizen's responsibility

A month or so from now and most of us will be trooping to our individual precincts to vote our "chosen ones". Some people have their personal criteria; others, and to some, "most" just go with the flow. One of the most irritating attitudes which we Filipinos have is the belief of "spoiling our vote" if we vote for a nobody.  He will not win anyway, so why spoil our vote? Wrong.

That's why several candidates who are far better than the popular ones are not being elected into office precisely because either they belong to a non-traditional political party or their names are still not as popular as the ones in power. This exactly is the reason why we still haven't changed the political landscape yet. Filipino voters behave as strict Republicans and as such, we continue seeing traditional politicians as old as Methuselah gunning for public office.

Really now, we just changed our behavior in the elections of 2004 when we voted into the Senate, three gentlemen just because they spearheaded the anti-Gloria campaign: Antonio Trillianes IV, Alan Peter Cayetano and rightly so, Koko Pimentel.

That phenomenon was probably due to our anger and our collective disgusts against the Arroyo administration. Every single one of us was really pissed with the way things were being managed that we were blinded by our anger and voted people whom we thought could change the game. Well, six years later and we are still hoping that those whom we elected into office will do what were expected of them.

Now, in this mid-term elections, let's elect people with sobriety. This is the time when we must think not just for ourselves but for future generations. We don't want them blaming us for the mess in the future, right?