Saturday, April 20, 2013

Conspiracy theory behind COMELEC Chair's intention to resign post

Many people are questioning the motive behind Comelec chair Sixto Brilliantes desire to resign his post. Why is Brilliantes' so anxious to leave when it is just a few weeks, three weeks to be exact, before the May 13, 2013 elections? The context is suspicious. It came at a time when news about the supposed "ink leak" happened right before Brilliantes' eyes in Hongkong. The incident, which was caught on camera, shows one or two of the pens being used to mark the ballot box "leaking" and "ruining" the paper. An expert says the paper used to print the ballot box was not in the exact technical specifications. The expert or even the poll body failed to say, how many or what percentage of these ballots are not "exactly" right. Nor did, the expert identify how many pens were outright defective. Since that incident, publicity handlers of the Comelec were quick to erase these incidents from the public mind.

Aside from this, there are speculative doubts as to the accuracy of the PCOS machines. Until now, the Commission has not received the source code from Smartmatic, again, fueling speculations that some or at least several of these machines are susceptible for intervention, and hence, un-realiable.

Human falliability has been used as reason for computerization. Now that everything has been computerized, these problems arise.

This mid-term election is crucial because it will be the third time that the electorate will be using these computers to count ballots. There were lingering doubts as to these machines accuracy in last 2010 elections, with several people even claimed that the real winner in the Presidential elections was Joseph Estrada and that the only reason why Noynoy was allowed to win was because of a compromise between Noy's camp and its predecessor.

Of course, a Senatorial run is unlike a presidential election. It is less contentious and can be resolved among the contenders themselves. The worse consequence of these is it leads to a loss of public trust. When people slowly lose their trust in institutions, what comes to mind, is chaos and anarchy.

Public talk suggest of a conspiracy between the poll body and Malacanang. People are exchanging views saying that Malacanan is hell-bent on ensuring the victories of its bets, so that it is still LP who will lead this nation after 2016.