Thursday, May 16, 2013

Election irregularities cropping up in 2013 Mid-Term Elections: Result manipulation rampant

So, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) announced that this election is "fool proof" and "with minimal irregularities". That is not so, says an INternational Election monitoring group. Aside from vote buying, several irregularities were observed by the group.

However, let me say that, as the process gets delayed, the more irregularities are slowly emerging. How many actually were not able to vote because they decided not to or has been prevented from voting, or we call disfranchised?

Statistically now, the Commission on Elections has not given us any inkling as to how many millions of Filipinos were not able to vote or were disfranchised due to human or technical error. One COMELEC insider says the percentage of those disfranchised has breached the 70% voter turnout. Meaning, this is the only elections that figures do not tally, between the figure of those who actually cast their votes and those disfranchised.

This is relevant because look at the Senatorial race---it is very close. That margin between the twelfth spot and that of the fifteenth spot is just close to a million. If 2.7 million were disfranchised, this is relevant for those who want to jump to the Magic 12.

Likewise, how credible are these figures being transmitted from different places in the archipelago? Thousands of PCOS machines conked out. If they conked out, how then were they able to "transmit results"? If they were not used, where did all these machines get their figures?

Are results being manipulated to favor a respectable or acceptable outcome? Is that the reason why a neophyte was allowed or permitted to top the senatorial race to condition the minds of everyone to accept the outcome on the national level?

The thing is, local results are being affected by the figures released right now. If you tally, the figures do not add up! Meaning, there is a major manipulation being undertaken somewhere, and these results do not necessarily show the true mandate of the people!

The Comelec claims that these machines allowed us to see the voting results faster than usual, but the question is--are they accurate? What people are concerned about is the accuracy of these numbers, not how fast the voting and counting happened.

It seems that the electronic count and the manual count have the same length of time to be accomplished. If this is the case, then, surely, there is manipulation of the results happening as we speak.

I urged the PPCRV, the numerous audit firms and the Comelec to check their figures because it does not tally up with the data from the precincts.

I am not blaming the Comelec for this fiasco--I blame Smartmatic for selling us defective counting machines. We may never know the true will of the people from now on, simply because the very system that is being used right now to determine legitimacy of the elected is in serious question.