Thursday, May 16, 2013

Conspiracy to rig 2013 elections? Who lost and who really won?

How come that defective PCOS machines transmit "figures" to the central COMELEC server when they are in fact, not functioning? And since several thousands have malfunctioned and even CF cards have "erased data" or no data at all, how then did the Parish Pastoral Council of Responsible Voting or PPCRV and Namfrel get so many transmissions of data when even the Comelec failed to get some? 

Where did the PPCRV, Namfrel and the Comelec got their preliminary results when, even the Comelec said that they have received only 69% of the total votes cast and there are still 10 million votes which are still not counted as we speak?

Even Comelec chair Sixto Brillantes in his presscon yesterday said they will only be reviewing a hundred or so ERs or only half of so many, to see a trend? Yet, this trend can only be relevant if it reflects not fifty percent of the total, but at least 80 or so percent when margins are totally insurmountable already.

The United Nationalist Alliance or UNA may not know it, but because they agreed on the preliminary results in the national elections of Senators, there is a presumption that they also agree on the results of the Congressional and the LGUs.

Really now, the UNA lost several valuable territories in the Visayas, as Team Pnoy lost some in half of Luzon.

For example, Cebu, which was traditionally a bailiwick of Arroyo, is now a formidable territory of the Liberal Party. The hold of the Garcias in this province has been shattered. This is a major factor come 2016 because of the sheer amount of votes in Cebu which could make or break someone's presidential campaign.

There are, however, several areas which I considered as critical areas where Liberal Party lost against UNA. Yet, please take a look as there is an emerging political force in the provinces which has made a considerable dent in this elections--the National Unity party. This party has successfully accomplished what Kapatiran and other so called "third force" failed in previous years.

It is quite presumptuous for UNA's chairman and president to say that 2016 is a goner already. Binay's vaulted local party machinery has been shattered this elections, what with monumental losses here and there. Obviously, this mid-term elections was used mainly to diminish the power of UNA's three kings: Binay, Enrile and Erap.

By the way, whoever thought of Poe's number one spot win, let me just congratulate. By placing a "safe bet"at the number one spot made it extremely uncomfortable for any party to consider the entire results of the elections.

How would one question the results of this elections when doing so will drag Poe too? Poe is perceived as a non-controversial candidate who is common to both UNA and Team Pnoy. Assuming that Poe's election is correct, do we presume that the rest of those in the Magic 12 really deserve to be there, even though: (1) there is a big part of the voters disfranchised and (2) there are irregularities now rearing its ugly head as the elections wind up?