Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hope is what is left under capitalism

What is the life of an ordinary man? Under capitalism, it is a life-long yearning for hope, that things would turn around for the better.

There will never be a better quality of life for the poor. There will always be a segment of the population who will suffer from the excesses of a few who control the resources of the many. Expectations that things will change will always be an illusion. Capitalism is not being run by socially conscious enterprises but mainly by profit-driven companies. Profit is what makes a capitalist economy run. Without profit, an economy stagnates and dies. As profit turns into profits, those who do not control the means of production are left out.

Capitalism is an exploitative system. It exploits the weak and strengthens those already strong. A government that promotes capitalism will always be there to bring hope to those left out, promising them a small portion of the economic gains as a palliative.

Hence, the function of government in capitalism is simply give hope to those whose lives are being exploited by a few. Hope is better understood by its literal form---legislation.

Legislation is used to at least create an illusion of a level playing field. Masses are promised jobs and free education. Yes, the poor folks are being educated by the system as a means for them to conform and continuously hope for a betterment of their situation. As they hope, the few who truly control the resources of this country continues their exploitation.

They give salaries to about 36 million people, just enough to make them save something and continually hope for the improvement of their lives. As the masses age, they continue their lives expecting that something will change by giving their sons and daughters to the educational system only to realize later in their old age that they are merely slaves of a system of cyclical exploitation.

The ideal really is for government to act in defense of the exploited. Government is supposed to be the promoter of the common good, not just a stooge of big Capitalists. If government allows the exploitation of the people in exchange for a good rating by Fitch, it is defeating its very purpose of existence.

Government is supposed to create mechanisms that moderate capitalist greed. The solution really is for government to encourage the formation of more social enterprises.

Likewise, government must create legislation that would expand the middle class base to allow for a fluid social mobility. Expanding the ranks of the professional classes is one solution. The more people in the professional ranks ascend the social ladder, the more opportunities open for other people to leave their exploited condition.