Friday, May 3, 2013

Mancao Escape--part of destabilization efforts against Aquino administration?

The Aquino administration and the Commission on Elections should be forewarned--they should not tinker with the results of this mid-term elections or there might be an extra-constitutional movement against this administration. Mancao's escape is an open declaration of war against Pnoy ally, Senator Panfilo Lacson.

This is an opinion made by a long time political and military analyst. He believes that Mancao's escape from the NBI stockade is not just a simple one. He believes it is part of a planned destabilization which will culminate shortly after the elections.

Several segments of the military establishment have expressed disapproval of two things: first, the perceived strong Left influence over policy making in Malacanang and two, the expected ascendancy of Senator Ping Lacson to the Cabinet.

Lacson's political opponents from way back are wary about the planned designation of Lacson as the "President's point man". Lacson's enemies lurk in the "other side of fence", meaning former allies or colleagues who betrayed him at EDSA dos. These generals, though retired, are still capable of launching a strike against the government. They have the resources, the men, and the firepower. What they lack is an event that would trigger such an action.

This elections, if it turns nasty and dirty, is a possible trigger.

Aquino may have to think twice in hiring Lacson. Lacson is a capable and honest man. He is his own man. Lacson has incurred enemies within and outside the establishment who are wary about his actions.

Ask me why some people want another "EDSA"? This next one, if it happens, is a pure naked power grab, nothing more. These groups who want nothing more than power will move because they want the economic gains purely to themselves, similar with what they did during Arroyo's time.