Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nancy Binay and Pure Democracy

Nancy Binay, daughter of the Vice President, reportedly won in this year's Senatorial elections. Binay, whom everyone thinks just sprouted out of nowhere to run and win an election, is being bashed by many people here and there. I read some of these anti-Nancy Binay bashing and wondered why are they bashing her?

Is it because she looks very ordinary unlike, say, Pia Cayetano and Loren Legarda? Is it because she's not as "white" as, say Miriam Defensor-Santiago or again, Pia Cayetano? Is it because the Binays are not the Madrigals, the Roxases, the Cayetanos, the Zobel de Ayalas, the Cojuangcos and the Aquinos, prized surnames linked with wealth and fame?

We always say, we want democracy. We always say that we want to see an ordinary person elected as a Senator. Now that we truly have someone, a veritable neophyte, elected, we shout foul?

What is the difference of say, Atty Llasos, a candidate of the Kapatiran party or even of Mayor Hagedorn with Nancy? Both are not national leaders. Both are not "qualified" with a Bachelors of Law degree or even a Masteral degree to boot, yet, so much flak has been received by Nancy than, say Llasos or some new candidate of the Kapatiran party.

Democracy, my dear, operates this way. Democracy allows such people as Nancy to become Senators. If people like you, then, chances are high that you'll be elected into office. If people does not love you, then, you're basically out. The only thing that probably justifies a bash is when the very mechanism, the very system that elected you, is filled with fraud or fraudulent, as they say.

Anyway, why bash Nancy when it is not her fault anyway. Nancy had a dream, according to her, that she just saw herself debating with such "heavyweights" as Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

Why are we bashing Binay? Is it because she is just an OJT, a jobless woman, now, a Senator. She actually surpassed probably, even the valedictorian or summa cum laude of her class in college now that she's an "Honorable".

Binay, like every single one of us, has a protected right to dream big. She dreamt that she will be elected into office, and so it was. Why fault her for dreaming this big and realising it afterwards?

Does the Constitution require a Senatoriable to become a barangay official or town official first before becoming a Senator? Does the Charter require an intelligence quotient of 160 before one becomes a senator? Do we require those who want to become a senator to take a law degree first?

Or, we are just angry and jealous that we were not born as a Binay? We are probably just jealous that we don't have a vice president for a father?

I even saw a photo of Nancy Binay dressed in a workmaid's suit serving a tray of wine to two ladies with their noses held up high. This is disgusting and shows one the full extent of our collective racist upbringing.

Why do we expect only "intelligent people" to become Senators? Fact is, let us truly examine the Senate. Did we really elect the best and the brightest as our Senators?

Yeah, I think in the past, we did.

We must however, congratulate ourselves for one reason---we have created a true democracy where, even, the not-so-bright, or the crude, or the potatoes or the D-listers can become Senators. That is, to my book, pure democracy.

Fact is, Nancy Binay's election just shows you how easy it is to become one of the top legislators of this country---train under a consummate politician. (or have a friend from Smartmatic).

What then prevents us from electing a veritable neophyte as our President come 2016? Nothing! Every single one may dream now that the likes of Nancy is being elected into office.