Friday, May 17, 2013

Slash and burn in 2013 mid-term elections

Pretend that I am an election operator, and a rich guy wants to become a Senator, how will I assure his victory?

Well, what I'll do is I'll operate the election results in his favor in non-descript rural areas. I will slash at least 40 votes per precinct, which, if you translate it to 70,000 precincts, that would mean 3.16 million votes already secured. How do I do this? Intercept the transmission and replace it with data that will reflect bawas-dagdag electronically. I have two sources from which to get my 40 votes extra--one, from the pool of  disfranchised voters, and second, from voters whose names are still in the database but are now dead.

Meaning, if there are 1,000 voters in a polling precinct, there would probably be about 300 voters who will be disfranchised and only 700 voters allowed by the system to vote. From that 700 voters, I already secured  some votes. Now, if I want my 200 votes from the 700 voters increase? I slash 40 either from that disfranchised set or those already dead but are still in the voter's digital directory. That 40 votes extra, translate that into, say 60,000 times, means substantial figure already. Unnoticeable is'nt it since I slashed the votes not from urban areas where a slight data sub will not be discovered.