Friday, May 17, 2013

Nancy Binay proved more Senatoriable than First 5

Now I understand why millions of Filipinos voted for Nancy Binay---she has the right moral compass and does not salivate for power.

Unlike the first 5 proclaimed winners in the Senatorial circle in this year's election, Nancy Binay did not attend her own proclamation because she does not believe that the 79 Cocs which only total 13 million votes truly reflect the will of 52 million registered voters.

That shows you that Nancy possesses the character of a true Binay--a democrat thru and thru. I cannot say that to Loren Legarda, Chiz Escudero, Alan Peter Cayetano and Grace Poe. I can understand Grace Poe. Her top position is unassailable. I cannot say that of the rest of the top five because 11 million uncounted votes are still considered "big" in my estimation and can still statistically affect the final outcome.

Example--what if half of that 11 million voted for, say, Enrile, who is now in the fifteen spot with 7.3 million votes and sadly, from the 11 million, only 3 million voted for, say Angara (10.2 m). That's 3 million additional votes to Enrile would put him on par with Angara. Possible? Yes, because that 11.5 m uncounted votes are statistically huge not to affect the final result.

Why is the Comelec all of a sudden rushing the proclamation? Several people speculate that Comelec is fearful that as the day prolongs, the more possible human intervention. That 9-3 might not be 9-3 afterall but 7-5, if we are to truly count the votes cast.

Or, Comelec fears that people will scalp their heads, if many people learn that those CF cards do not contain any data at all.