Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What Grace Poe's victory means? It means Susan Roces is a far credible endorser than Binay, Enrile, Erap or Noy combined

Grace Poe, considered a political neophyte, is getting the no. 1 slot at the Senatorial polls. Analysts credit her win for just two (2) factors: one, recall and two, messaging. They forgot to include two more factors: third, the Pinoy's sense of justice or "payback", and huge machinery.

Unknown to many, Grace Poe Llamanzares is no stranger to politics. During the 2004 elections, Poe-Llamazares was at the midst of political organizing for her father, the late actor (and my dear "principal") Fernando Poe Jr. Fact is, at that time, her name was being bandied about as a potential Senatorial bet. Way back in 2004, Grace Poe-Llamanzares has surpassed many senatoriables in terms of political organizing. She is a safe name to support, no political baggage and no controversy whatsoever.

Her surname is clean, and the fact is, even if she did not use her late father in her campaign, the very mention of her name evokes memories of her father.

The "mythology" that surrounds her father and propelled him to win the 2004 elections is still there. The FPJ trademark still lives, albeit, repackaged as something of an "ideal". FPJ for many people means "bagong umaga". FPJ represents the hope of many that inspite of this elite-dominated system, there are still people whom they can rely on to at least make things better or easier for them.

FPJ for many people, represents their life---a person with a clean reputation and a longing for a brighter future denied by the elite of the opportunity to serve.

The same mythology applies to Chiz Escudero, who really benefitted from being the spokesperson of FPJ at that crucial juncture in history. People remember Escudero for being FPJ's veritable "side kick" who understands what the masses long for--a better future. Sadly though, Escudero is slowly being unmasked by people close to him. Institutions have abandoned him but he remains on top primarily because the FPJ trade mark still rubs to him.

That AD that shows Susan Roces endorsing him and released near the elections saved Chiz at the last minute.

As I said in my previous blogs, the only "ideal" that Pinoys really want is a better life. For as long as the Pinoy head of the family has his job or business, and that business is enough to make ends meet every single day and has something more to make some vacation or entertainment here and there, expect the Pinoy to be grateful.

How about a Grace Poe as President come 2016? Possible.