Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blackouts during voting? Nah, it will happen during the counting

For those who fear for a blackout, yes, it will happen but not on the voting itself----there is a big chance that it will happen in the counting. It happened in 2010 where we had at least two hours before everything came back on line and a person benefitted from it. Actually, according to some knowledgeable people, two people benefitted from the manipulation of hundreds of compact disc cards. As you know, electricity fluctuations affect data. You'll win the elections if you have a friend who runs the electric cooperative. Two hours are more than enough time to manipulate the contents of these cards.

In the 2010, there was massive disfranchisement, and according to some, this election will be the same. Fact is, there will be more people disfranchised because of the machines. These machines have been "in the freezer" for three years, and there is a big chance that several of its components are either rusty or have not been "calibrated".

Of course, it would be too obvious for this administration to manipulate the results of these elections by going to a 12-0 win. It is statistically improbable. The most convenient configuration is 7-5. 7-5 still gives this administration a majority voice in the Senate.

And please, let us not fool ourselves. As I write this, there are several COMELEC people and attorneys selling 32 pesos per vote. The going rate for a vote is 15 several weeks ago. Now, it has reached 32 pesos for national and local candidates. Whoever has money, wins.