Friday, June 21, 2013

Hamog boys---Pnoys escape goats

President Aquino wants to investigate the hamog boys who reportedly use slabs of rock to impede the flow of water unto the metro's drainage system. Imagine, the very chief executive running after hamog boys? So, hamog boys are now some of the state's security threats, hehehe!

And to think that Aquino even congratulated the Dpwh for.a "job well done". I and the rest of the 90 million Filipinos must be extremely blind.

For lessening an inch in the level of flood waters, the Dpwh got a pat in the back. Wow.

I live in Makati and seriously, the flood that always happen along Buendia is no laughing matter. Fact is, it even got deeper. Before, it used to be just a tad higher from my ankle. Now, it is just a few inches below my knee.

Presidenr Aquino is probably being fed wrong information.

THe solution to our monumental flooding is simple---improve our drainage system by hiring a hydrologist. Yes, an hydrologist, an expert in the flow of water. Look at the geologic map of the metro and you'll conclude that water coming from the sierra madre is being blocked by numerous communities built along natural waterways. We must likewise, increase the number of pumping stations. These water pumps help in sucking up those excess water and allow these to flow naturally to the Manila bay.

This is the time to do this, especially since government now has the funds to finance such a mega venture.