Monday, June 17, 2013

Hongkongers deride Filipinos as slaves.

Just heard what these Hongkongers said---they are describing my country as a "nation of slaves".

A century or so ago, things were different. Hongkongers and even Mainland Chinese cross the seas just to get a decent salary as a maid of one of the Philippine wealthy breed. These amais or "amays" were kept like precious possessions. Having one defines a person's social life.

Of course, things are different right now. Filipinos now go to Hongkong and offer themselves as maids. It is very wrong to say that the Philippines is a nation of slaves. China, and the rest of the world was once a country of slaves too, but we Filipinos were never really slaves. During the times of the Spanish and Americas, we were never like Africa, a source of slaves. Yes, they conquered us. But, most of us were never really enslaved like what the Negroes suffered in America and what these Amais from Hongkong experienced.

I'll scratch my HK trip because of what these chinks did.