Monday, June 17, 2013

Why I'm not surprised with the success of " Be Careful with my heart"

Why am I not surprised with the huge success of the teleserye, " Be careful with my heart"? Well, credit its success with the plot. The plot is not entirely new. The iconic movie, " The Sound of Music", and the stage play, " The King and I" have similar plots---teacher or maid falling in love with her Master and vice versa.

In hush-hush circles, relationships of the masters and their maids have been stuff of interesting talk. We even have a colloquial description of it, " atsay killer", referring to the Master who falls in love (or in lust) with the maid. How many instances happened when Masters make wives out of their maids? I know of a diplomat who did not know that he is being described as "atsay killer" by his colleagues behind his back.

Of course, "Ser Chief" of " Be Careful with my heart" is no atsay killer. He fell in love with the female character after she pulled herself away from being a mere "maid" to a flight stewardess. Technically, when he "gave in", Jodi was not under his employ any more.

What a delicious allusion---the former slave has enslaved her Master.

In real life, I doubt it if the character portrayed by Jodi Sta Maria would actually choose to be a maid just to earn some living. With Jodi's beauty, the more normal route that such young ladies go to is simply not servitude but prostitution. Or, at best, being a female entertainer in a pub.

Oops, let me clarify that I'm not saying that every single maid who watched this teleserye every day has this "dream" of her eventually getting her Master's eye and for both of them live happily ever after together. That is simply not what I have even insinuated here.

The point really is simply, every one holds a dream that someday everything would turn for the better. Ser Chief is just a symbol of that hope. Whether one falls into the loving arms of a Master or not, the point really is, there is some hope that someday things would get better. Just be patient.