Friday, June 7, 2013

Two serendra blast---if its not a bomb, then what caused it?

I really don't get it, why the very interior secretary of this Republic is the one speaking for and on behalf of investigators in the Two Serendra blasts. Yep, three died in that fateful day a week ago, but there are so many cases which are more serious than this blast and you don't see Mar Roxas there.

Is Mar Roxas:

* using the incident as some sort of a practice for him since the disaster season approaches
* The Ayalas paid Mar as their designated crisis spokesperson
* someone involved is close with Mar
* Mar wants to repackage himself from mr. Palengke to mr. Krisis. Ngek!

Anyway, what this presscon did today was just fortify what others knew right from the start---that the blast was caused by a leak in the lpg pipes in the building.

But what precipitated the blast? That chemicals expert guy from Stanford says that an explosion is possible if these gases combined in a lethal mix.

Okey now. So what mixed with the lpg that led to a spark and an explosion....numerous theories abound and these are some of them....

* the tenant's stale breath, ,mixed with lpg, caused the explosion
* a steady succession of gas coming from tenant's ass...
* a heady mixture of both...

You judge. Happy weekend everyone!