Friday, June 7, 2013

The first time Vice Ganda made me laugh

I watched the alleged "apology" of Vice Ganda and really, that's no apology. Fact is, it is a tongue in cheek way of saying that I did nothing wrong and it was just a joke. Whether you found it cruel or irreverent, it was a joke, and that was it, period. That's how Vice Ganda put his apologies. Worse, Vice Ganda even said "let's stop commenting since many did not watch my concert and probably this issue was put out of context."

This is the first time that Vice Ganda made me laugh.

What context are you talking about, blabber mouth?

What more "contextual info" do we need to say that portraying Jessica Soho like a swine ready to be gang raped is irreverent? It does not make it all the more acceptable even if we put some "good context" into this joke because the very nature of the joke came from a disjointed premise--rape.

Vice Ganda's portrayal of women disgusts me. Vice Ganda's expression about respectable women enrages me. I am a man who respects such individuals like Vice Ganda who choose to live the pink life and even considered it as a separate gender. However, what Vice Ganda did was express her opinion and views about respectable women---this comedian hates women! And to think that he, herself, is one.

Vice Ganda is a bundle filled with contrasts.