Friday, July 12, 2013

Jojo Binay, Judas, Carlos Garcia and corruption

In January 2011, Vice President Jejomar Binay reportedly wrote President Benigno Aquino a letter asking that the President dignify a deal made by the government granting freedom to disgraced AFP comptroller Carlos P Garcia in exchange for him returning half of the loot he did against the soldiers of the Republic.

The President reportedly and politely declined the request.

Garcia has been proven to have robbed us of millions of pesos from the modernization fund as well as other deals. He should be rotting in jail and being fed animal feeds. Yet, no. He is staying in a jail cell, equipped with all the necessities of a good life.

What about his accomplices? Where are these thieves? Apparently, they are just playing golf somewhere, unmindful of the nasty things they did against the Filipino People.

Vice President Binay is no fool. He knows what he's doing. It is highly suspect what his motivations are, but definitely, whatever you think of it, or whichever way you look at it, that action is truly against the interests of hard-working Filipinos.

I thank God that , at this early, the Almighty is revealing the true nature of these people who want to be the next President of this Republic.

Binay is your modern day Judas, who will sacrifice the very interests of the People in exchange for personal glory and a few pieces of silver.