Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ping Lacson as Bureau of Customs Chief? Smugglers beware!

Will the name "Lacson" finally put some fear into the hearts of the demons in that much maligned Bureau of Customs?

If that Lacson happens to have the first name "Ping", and the "ping" in that name still rings a bell or is associated with demolishing criminals and putting the Lord's name in their mouths, then, by the name of Andres Bonifacio, go for it, Mr. President.

Yes, I happen to think that Lacson is not the Ping Lacson that I knew several years ago as an effective crime buster. Lacson is now a politician. However, if Ping deserves a praise from me, it is because he has the purest of intentions and his heart happens to be in the right place.

The only thing that stops me fully endorse him for the post is his close links with several Chinese businessmen. These businessmen had supported him in the past, most of them campaign contributors. Everyone knows where these businessmen get their funds and most, if not all, deals with this bureau.

The best man for the job is really someone who is willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of the right path. The best man to head this bureau is one who stares death right in the face. That man, I say, is Ping.

The "customary game" in that bureau is this world--gulatan. These smugglers fear one thing---death. Get one of Baalshebub's son and hang him at the very gates of this Bureau as a reminder of what will surely happen to a person who continues to rob the people of their monies, and smuggling will stop. I know this is drastic but a shame campaign will not work. These people have benefitted immensely from the lame treatment the present Bureau Chief gives them.

With Ping, these people would think twice, and would probably shit in their pants. Those who do the most vile of things fear nothing but death and destruction. These people are shameless. They don't care what other people think of them. They simply don't care if people whisper about them. They don't care if people shun them and their families. Wealth and thievery are two of the things they love the most.

Then, to hell with them! Having a preacher (Ruffy Biazon Jr) as head simply does not work. It is time that we need a  gunslinger as Head.