Thursday, August 1, 2013

Janet Napoles--Evidence of Pork Barrel Misuse Piling up

Janet Napoles, the businesswoman who is now being linked to the scandalous pork barrel fund misuse, is now in a deeper hole than before. Pieces of evidence have surfaced, linking her to the scheme of using Non-governmental organisations to procure the PDAF of several politicians, including high profile names as Bongbong Marcos, Lito Lapid, Juan Ponce Enrile and even Loren Legarda.

Efforts are being made to mitigate the effects of this controversy, but as it looks, this controversy will not die down soon. They are still names of politicians being exposed and now, even the name of Agriculture secretary Prospero Alcala is now being linked to the scam.

Alcala immediately tried to squelch the issue by saying that he has ordered the DBM to strike out the name of the DA in the procurement of PDAF. However, pieces of evidence presented by two whistleblowers before the investigating team of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) showed that indeed, there were deliberate moves which came from the DA to divert certain funds to NGOs controlled allegedly by Napoles.

Calls for the abolition of the pork barrel funds are rising. The Makabayan coalition is leading the charge for the abolishment of this fund which has been the cause of so much misery and criticism for several years now.