Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pork barrel fund mess---an accidental discovery led to full blown probe

This Janet Lim Napoles issue is really very interesting. After telling the President that the accusations against her are baseless because of "her stature and her wealth", she is now telling the public thru her lawyers that she is just an ordinary person who is incapable of doing what people are accusing her with---allegedly caused the stealing of 10 billion pesos worth of PDAF or pork barrel funds.

Now, people involved in the PR industry are now trying misdirection tactics, raising peripheral issues to "hide" the main issue---the alleged nefarious activities of Napoles' firm and her alleged connections with certain personalities.

The thing is, people are being made to believe that this is just a concoction of the Palace--that the Palace is moving behind the scenes using the Napoles files to attack its political enemies.

The truth really is, the government stumbled upon this by accident, according to sources. When the alleged "extraction" of Benhur Luy was made, a call was received by a high official of the palace. That official informed certain personalities close to Napoles who urged her reportedly to write that letter. The palace received the letter.

A decision was made to expose this. The thing is, the expose was selective. Only the known political enemies of the palace were included. Known Lakas-NUCD and Kamppi members which are now Liberal party members were excluded.

Malicious insinuations began to surface, including some rumors that a member of the Nacionalista Party is behind the public disclosures. This official reportedly is being groomed to be the party's presidential standard bearer in 2016.

The thing is, another Senator, this time nearing his "forced retirement" stands to gain from all of these. This person is supposed to head a presidential commission against graft and corruption. Those Napoles files are sure-fire documents which could be used against political personalities, like how former FBI chief J Edgar Hoover did during his heyday.

Will we see a Pinoy version of Hoover in our generation?