Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What's my take on the 2013 SONA? Well, i think there is nothing new. Aquino's SONA just stated the obvious---his accomplishments. That is a legitimate SONA.

Detractors are looking for a roadmap. No, SONA's are neither visions nor abstractions--they are concrete manifestations of what was planned and nothing of the future. That vision has already been communicated in the first SONA. It is quite understandable why this year's SONA is a litany of accomplishments and several concrete wishes. Well, the President had already laid his visions and dreams in the two previous SONAs and it is time for the people to hear what the President had done or is doing.

Of course, there are people out there saying that Aquino's SONA had failed to provide a clearer and more truthful version of Philippine reality. Hey, who doesn't? The Left has their own. The Right truly sees things quite differently. Who holds what is the real, unvarnished reality?

Poverty--who says that he has the cure. Poverty is like HIV---it clings to your DNA long enough to kill you. With the Pantawid Pinoy program (PPP), poverty is being strangled so that it stop growing. Of course, poverty will still be here EVEN AF6ER Nonoy's term.