Tuesday, July 23, 2013

PO1 Joselito Sevilla--a man of peace, a model cop

I was moved when Rem Zamora wrote how he managed to take this iconic shot at the SONA rally yesterday. This photo moved me into tears. This shows how the entire PNP organization has been transformed---from a combatant to a peace organization who respects the rights of their fellow Filipinos.

During my time, we clash at cops when these cops throw smoke bombs at us. In my experience as a rallyist, non-uniformed cops usually blend with the rallyists and these cops, themselves, provoke the crowd to violence so that the crowd disperses.

At other times, it was us who provokes them.

When I saw this photo, I am extremely proud of our police officers who took part in this dispersal operation against my fellow activists. I apologize if I am writing this now, even praising this cop who stood firmly there, shield at hand and performing his duty.

PO1 Joselito Sevilla was crying when he was facing the militants. He showed no fear and definitely it was not fear nor stress which made him cry inconsolably.

When reporters interviewed him, Sevilla said that it was probably because of the stress that made him cry. Or probably, he thought of the foolishness and futility of fighting the very same people he vowed to protect.

I am definitely sure that PO1 SEVILLA will not flash the peace sign in front of hardened criminals. Like a true blue cop servant, Sevilla will instead bring out his pistol and shoot the life out of these scoundrels.

PO1 Sevilla is a model cop. I urge the PNP chief to honor this cop and make him a model policeman. Policemen ought to be peace makers.

This justifies the belief that the PNP should be separate from the military. The military is mission-oriented, while the police organisation is service-oriented. When you indoctrinalize cops to become service-oriented, they will become like PO1 Sevilla who will not dare hurt or disrespect a civilian, even though that civilian is a rallyist fighting a different cause. This scene would have been different had our cops stayed on as PC.