Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bureau of Customs re-shuffle, not enough to curb corruption, says BOCEA

According to several people I talked to, Romy Pangulayan, President of the Bureau of Customs Employees Association is an honest man. He has been serving the bureau for the past twenty years. Pangulayan thinks that the planned reshuffling of about forty district collectors and middle level officials of the bureau will not be enough. He says that corruption is systemic in the Bureau and merely implementing a rotating chair policy is not the cure many employees within the bureau prescribe.

Pangulayan is right. Why only reshuffle people? If the division or district an official manages fails to meet the financial target, then, that is command responsibility and the only way out is resignation, or immediate suspension and termination. This is within the powers of the Bureau Chief.

Bureau chief Ruffy Biazon should not handle customs people like a shepherd handles his flock. These people are ravenous wolves. They should be handled with a club at hand.

I don't understand why it takes Biazon time to kick the asses of misfits in his outfit. He should be very sensitive. Biazon was a former legislator. He's dealing with adults who recognize that they are entirely responsible for their actions. If he hears something against a particular person, he should immediately talk with the person, place him under watch and if allegations are proven true, kick that person's arse from the the bureau.

Biazon is trying to picture the situation as "difficult". Yes, it is if you don't have the discipline. If you act like a politico, then, nothing will change within the bureau. If Biazon acts as a manager, at least, then, things will definitely change.