Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The problem with this administration, they don't seem to care whenever they're "bosses", meaning the "Filipino people" cry out of frustration.

I've been writing against this purported MMDA bus terminal plan with gusto precisely because I believe the plan is anti-poor and patently stupid.

Studies already show that 2.5 million commuters will be affected if this plan is implemented, but because our leaders right now act like conos denied of their candies, the MMDA thru its capricious Chairman Francis Tolentino still insists on pushing through with this stupid plan.

Look at what happened today? Thousands upon thousands of poor commuters got stranded today all because of this idiotic plan by Tolentino. I know Tolentino is just following orders from his true "boss", President Aquino.

It seems that whenever there is a plan that will directly affect the lives of poor Pinoys, that would make Pinoys poorer and their sufferings more intolerable, this administration proceeds without batting an eyelash.

Of course, only those members of the middle class who drive their own cars, will benefit from all of these. Yet, the hapless commuters!

How many thousands lost their day's pay today due to being late? How many students got stuck in traffic? How many people lost an opportunity to land a job today? How many lost income because of the humongous traffic caused by this stupid, and idiotic plan?

Of course, none of these officials of ours, even want to consider these peoples' welfare, because they are all nameless and Status-less!!

Nagiging pahirap na sa mamamayan itong pamahalaan na ito.

Siguro panahon na para ipanawagan ang kanyang pagbagsak. Abangan!!

MMDA, anti-mamamayan, anti-poor!
MMDA, sinong kikita dyan sa central bus terminal plan?
MMDA, ibagsak!!!!