Thursday, August 8, 2013

MMDA Chair Tolentino had just lost his marbles

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino just said that the main reason for EDSA traffic is the sheer volume of vehicles using the road every single day, 24-7.

Tolentino targeted provincial buses because, he says, they have the most number of vehicles using EDSA---7,000 provincial buses use EDSA twice a day, according to a report from MMDA. By not allowing provincial buses inside EDSA, Tolentino argued, traffic will ease along EDSA.

Now, in a television interview Tolentino is now asking the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to increase the number of franchises of AUVs and Jeepneys which will be used by MMDA to ferry commuters from his central bus terminal to different locations in the Metropolis.

What????? Are you crazy, Mr. Tolentino???

While you implement a shakedown of buses, you now want to increase the volume of smaller vehicles like jeepneys and AUVs who are most likely be the ones to put EDSA traffic into a horrific stand-still!!!

You now say that you want a higher volume of jeepneys and AUVs? Tanga ka ba o nagtatanga tangahan, Mr. Tolentino!!! Isipin mo nga bakit ganun Katanga ang plano mo, Mr. Tolentino!!!

It has been three days still and seriously, traffic even worsened at EDSA inspite of your centralized bus station at Uniwide.

Fact is, that terminal even caused a humongous gridlock in the area!!!

Tarantado pala talaga itong si Tolentino eh.

You now caused thousands of hapless Pinoy commuters several problems.

Mahirap na nga ang mga commuters, pinahihirapan mo pa dahil sa doble at tripling pamasahe!!!


I call upon the Filipino People---resist and militate!!!!

Galit na galit na talaga ako dito kay Tolentino. You have just seeded the very reason why this administration should be resisted and overhauled!!