Thursday, August 8, 2013

Danny Lim out of Customs

Malacanang should be extremely cautious right now, especially when they dispense a press  statement.

Numerous news reports say that Danny Lim is out of Customs. True. It is accurate. President Aquino did accept Lim's resignation.

Then, the bomb. Reports say that his resignation followed his revelations of "certain influential forces" at the Customs. Was Lim ousted because he revealed this or was he really ousted because, in truth and in fact, the President is displeased with his performance as Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence?

I don't know about the President but I do know that one of the presidential sisters was displeased with Lim's performance. " General Lim, you ask", says one of the presidential sisters in a lunch cum meeting in a hotel somewhere in Manila, " He's a disappointment."

To be fair, Lim was assigned at the Customs by Pnoy after several people recommended him for this. Customs was a perfect fit for Lim. Why? Lim mutinied against the government due to his disgust on rampant graft and corruption. What better way to show he's really sincere in this "anti-corruption" fight than to show it by ridding the Customs of misfits.

Years past and numerous nasty rumors spread against Lim. There were reports that his trusted men were themselves involved in shady deals. Reports also say that Lim and his close associates were involved in deals except oil smuggling. That explains why Lim's accomplishments were described as "ginisa" meaning, he only targets those importing garlic, tomatoes, and onions. Remember, Lim always wants to be pictured opening a container filled with onions.

I don't buy Lim's "alibi" that the reason for his failure are the persistent calls from several people asking for favors. Why, this did not happen when you were with the military sir? Lim's flimsy reason shows character weakness. So what if several or some people are asking favors? The obvious answer to that is simply ignore them, and let the chips fall. Why do a "balancing act"? What is there to "balance"? Lim's duty is to enforce the law, simple. His duty is specific---go after people who plan to defraud government of millions or billions worth of revenues. If there is an information that leads or points to a plan to smuggle certain things and these involve specific names of people, then, to hell if they have relatives from Malacanan? Lim should have stood fast and say that when people ask me for favors, i don't entertain them. Indications show that he did, according to some people.

So, Lim's "balancing act" resulted to government losing " 220 billion pesos". I wonder, how many balancing acts did Lim did which summed up to 220 billion.

Seriously, I still respect General Lim.