Monday, August 5, 2013

Ninoy Aquino's and the ignominy of the present upon his memory

Cory Aquino, her husband, and scores of others died all because of one thing--they want to rid graft and corruption of our system. They died not because they want their sons and their daughters and their in-laws rich--oh no. They sacrificed their lives because they want the poor, the widows and the orphans get a more decent and a more humane life.

Several thousands shared that vision and these people are either living or have died or are still continuing the struggle.

August is this time of the year when we commemorate the sacrifices of a few for the sake of the many. This is the time when we re-live the sacrifice of former senator Benigno Aquino Jr who braved the vilest of storms and accepted his destiny with open arms. His memory etched in our memories was that of a wrenched body lying in a tarmac, lifeless yet embracing his fate, his sacrifice. Ninoy did all he could for his country and he expects his son, his daughters, their sons and daughters to do the same thing.

Ninoy had just cleansed his family's surname from the dirt the people threw at it during World War two. His sacrifice made the people forget the betrayal his father did to the people during the Japanese occupation. Of course, the elder Aquino had his reasons for collaborating with the enemy, but for the people, this is unpardonable.

Honestly, we know better. Prior to World War two, several Katipuneros collaborated with the Japanese because the Japs were the Katipuneros' strategic partner during the war against the Spaniards. The fact was, the Katipuneros see the Japs as a worthy ally than the Americans whom they consider as colonialists.

Aquino was one of those who believe this.  That's why Aquino became a collaborationalist because he thinks like a Katipunero.

Anyway, Ninoy died for something---the cleansing of this country from the very evils of corruption.

Corruption is a plague that eats the soul of a Nation. When a Nation indulges in corruption, it slowly loses its humanity and eventually, that Nation becomes a barbaric one, eating its own sons and cannibalizing every shred of humanity left in its wake.

Corruption wastes a society away, like leprosy. Worse, a nation which indulges in corruption wagers the very future of its sons, and generations.

Aquino realized that and fought against it.

Woe then for those who are benefitting from his death! Woe that the very disease that Ninoy fought against and tried to find a cure, is deeply entrenched and is slowly eating a few shred of humanity left in this country.

Woe those friends of Ninoy who benefitted from his sacrifice and are now rich, and powerful, and are giving his name a blot.

Woe to some members of the BUreau of Customs who continually smear the very sacrifice of Ninoy by their very acts!

Woe to other government officials and employees who steal the monies of the people and is too carabao skinned to even feed their families with stolen monies.