Monday, August 5, 2013

Janet Lim-Napoles and her alleged wealth exposed by PDI

Let's take Janet Lim-Napoles' defense saying that she is involved in the coal business. And let's grant it to her that she does not have any dealings with the government. The question is--where do Napoles sells her coal?

Does she directly sell her coal to energy producers? How many of them? Can she explain how to profit from selling coal? Where did she get the coal? Here or abroad? If here, then, Napoles still deals with government.

Is she an importer or exporter of coal? Nothing really concrete here, except that Napoles uses this as a defense for those who question where she gets tons of her money.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) must have known her business dealings, because every single transaction should have been recorded and submitted to the BIR. The question really is, why is there no record of her dealings or if there are any, why is there no report about it to the AMLA perhaps?

The story published right now at the Philippine Daily Inquirer reeks of direct thievery, if this story is to be believed. With just a "magic touch" in the documents, and of course, with connivance with "high government officials", Napoles was able to trick government of about 10 billion pesos, something which, to my mind, is either an overestimation or just a tip of a humongous iceberg of collective thievery.

It is unthinkable that Napoles did all these just by herself, if these whistleblowers are to be believed. If a ragtag team of less than ten people can actually steal government money that easily, there is a very serious problem in our system especially in our procurement of funds law. This law should either be halved or altogether blasted into smithereens.

Public money should be protected at all cost. These revelations about Napoles' scheme just shows how vulnerable and how inept government is in protecting and safeguarding hard-earned monies of the people. If this happened in other countries, Napoles and her husband would have been unfairly judged, and eventually shot or hanged in a public square.

No. Our people are not barbarians. They will still give some decent space for an accused such as Napoles to answer or defend herself.

This is the reason why corruption persists in this society. We don't know when to become ruthless against people who toy with our monies and when to kill or to save a life.

If these stories are indeed true, then, those responsible for this should not just be hanged. These people should be shot publicly, their insides exposed for all the world to see, and their bodies hacked to several pieces and given to hungry street dogs. Their whole families should be shot as well, since they benefitted from the strivings of many and caused the poverty, even the deaths of many. Their wealth should be sequestered, sold and given back to the public coffers.